Advancing IT Executives in Leveraging Technology for Strategic Advantage

What is the Advanced Practices Council?


Learning and Connections

The Advanced Practices Council hosts meetings, seminars, webinars, dinners, events and research programs in cities across the U.S. and worldwide (soon!).


  • Exclusive meetings for members to connect with and learn from peers and  IT leaders throughout the year.

  • Learn innovative transformational solutions, best practices, and more.

  • Recent meeting topics included: AI at the edge, Internet of Things (IoT) security, the future of work, machine learning, blockchain and advancements, changing role of CIO, IT governance, leading teams and transformational change, cognitive computing, and contracting issues. 

  • Best of all, the Advanced Practices Council events and meetings are 100% confidential, and there is NO selling allowed from any vendors.


Stability and Global Reach

Advanced Practices Council (APC) was started over 25 years ago by SIM (the Society for Information Management), a network of 4,900+ IT leaders worldwide.


  • Our knowledge of the sector and ability to tap into an international network are unique and beneficial. 

  • We have more than two decades of experience, a global base of senior IT members, and our future and the agenda are set by our members.  

  • Members lead technology strategy and IT innovation for world-leading enterprises and consistently deliver millons in bottom line results!  

  • Our members have been involved in the greatest IT innovations, and we will be here for years to come to deliver benefits to members and to help them achieve ongoing results!


Exclusively for IT Leaders

Advanced Practices Council (APC) is the world's leading IT executive research and networking program that brings the world's foremost IT executives together.


  • Our members work together to help solve the greatest challenges and issues facing execs, CIOs, CISOs, and heads of IT and technology.

  • No CIO program provides a similar haven for senior IT leaders to come together, learn, and get empowered to generate impact and revenue.

  • As an exclusive and selective group of IT leaders, members of APC get access to a real network of peers in similar and likesize organizations.

  • CIO members provide support and gain knowledge from one another, anchored by research on key topics of relevance selected by members.


Member Benefits

Executive Networking

The Advanced Practices Council (APC) is one of the most recognized programs in which all members are senior IT executives - sharing and learning from peers facing the same opportunities and challenges in like-size organizations.  APC offers unmatched access, connections, research, peer-to-peer networking and intimate conversation that help our members achieve significant breakthroughs and transformations in their respective organizations. Best of all, APC members form long term relationships and support one another, and build...together!

Member Driven Research

Advanced Practices Council (APC) research is unlike that of other organizations. Our research agenda is selected, directed, and driven by members, who gain true actionable insight from the researchers and discussions at meetings.  We focus ONLY on what matters to members in their roles within leading organizations.  Members control agenda and we select researchers from renowned institutions, all around the world (e.g., Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, IMD) with proven track records of delivering leading-edge and practical and actionable results for senior executives. Researchers help members learn, integrate, execute, and build ROI through top line growth and bottom line reduction!

Sales-Free Environment

Unlike many programs that require members to attend high pressure sales programs, hold meetings with vendors, and visit exhibit booths, Advanced Practices Council (APC) accepts no outside financial support or advertising dollars from individuals or businesses looking to sell to our members.  The APC does not accept, endorse, or support any products or services in the market.  Since we only welcome members with senior IT roles within their organizations, we have a no-pressure, all learning, sharing, intimate, and confidential (yes, with Vegas rules!) environment for our members to grow and gain value and build ROI.



include CIOs and senior IT executives from

many leading organizations including:

  • Allstate Insurance

  • Andritz

  • Aquent

  • Armstong Building Products

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

  • Carestream

  • Carestream Dental

  • ConocoPhillips

  • CSC

  • Ecore

  • Janssen Research and Development

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • McKesson

  • PDC Energy

  • Penske Automotive Group

  • Pfizer

  • RouteOne

  • Smithfield Foods

  • The Andersons

  • Tompkins Financial 

  • Transaction Network Services

  • UMass Memorial Health System

  • United Wholesale Mortgage

  • And More...

APC Research Advisory Board (RAB)


Recent/upcoming research includes:

  • Artificial intelligence at the edge

  • Augmented reality

  • Blockchain 

  • Building a learning organization

  • Changing role of the CIO

  • Cognitive computing

  • Digital transformation

  • Exploring digital/IT tensions

  • Future of work and talent management

  • Get your digital priorities right

  • Leading global teams

  • Leading transformational change

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence from the bottom up

  • New frontier of analytics

  • Organizational and competitive implications of API adoption

  • Power of people and computers thinking together

  • Power of teaming

  • Robotic process and cognitive automation

  • Strategy, sales, growth and the business model

  • Wearable technology


Upcoming Events

To learn about Advanced Practices Council, explore membership or to come as a guest to an upcoming meeting, please contact me.

Madeline Weiss, Ph.D.

Director of Advanced Practices Council

"On behalf of our CIO members in the Advanced Practices Council, I welcome you to learn about events and our program, and be our guest at an upcoming event."




October 5-6, 2021 - CHICAGO, IL (Contact Us for Details)


  • Digital Transformation (Vijay Gurbaxani, UC - Irvine)

  • The Future of Organizations (Rick Watson, University of Georgia)

  • New business models with Artificial Intelligence | AI (Amit Joshi, IMD)

  • Business Intelligence, data, and analytics (Ahmed Abbasi, University of Notre Dame)


Brad G. James, SVP/CTO

Tompkins Shared Services

Thanks to robotic process automation research by the Advanced Practices Council, we built a strategy that has helped Tompkins Financial achieve cost savings for 2018 and 2019. 

Patricia Coffey, Sr. VP Allstate Insurance Co.

The APC researchers make it usable for us, practical for us; so that we may then take it back to our organizations.


Rich Hook, CIO

Penske Corporation

I've been part of the APC for a long time now.  Candidly, it's the best money spent each year due to the content, level of depth compared to most forums, and trusted network/friends created from the program.


Success Stories

The Advanced Practices Council allowed me to network with other CIOs.  The peer network helped!  We could have lost $Billion$ in a hacker attack.  Membership is a priceless asset for all IT leaders!


More Information

For information on the Advanced Practices Council, contact us:
Madeline Weiss, Director E.
T. +1.301.229.8062
Ask about our upcoming events.  Make sure to have us hold a spot for YOU!

Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Practices Council. We will be in touch soon!