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  • Madeline Weiss, Director

Four Benefits of Networking for C-Suite IT Executives

If you've made it to the C-suite, you might think, "I've already made it. There's no need for me to network anymore." It's also probably difficult to make time for networking in your busy schedule. But you shouldn't dismiss the value of networking just because you've already made it to the C-suite. Networking isn't just useful for finding a new job — it can help you perform better in the job you currently have. Since expectations keep rising for IT executives' role in leveraging technology for competitive advantage, you need to keep upping your game to exceed those expectations. Networking can help you succeed. . Here are four benefits that C-suite IT executives can get from networking: 1. Trusted resources Networking allows you to form connections with people you can trust. A program like the Advanced Practices Council allows you to grow these relationships both professionally and personally. There is only so much you can learn from reading on the internet, and you don't know what information you can trust. Nothing compares with asking a trusted peer for advice on how to solve a problem. 2. Knowledge sharing In addition to obtaining valuable knowledge from your networking connections by sharing challenges and learning how others have approached them, you can gain insights into emerging trends that could impact your business. Moreover, connecting with executives in a different industries can provide you with ideas for changing your industry.

3. Recruitment Networking can be a great way to find top-notch employees referred by your peers. Hiring through networking also saves your HR department time and money, while serving the pre-screen process at the same time.

4. Good return on investment Many networking events for C-suite executives come with an admission price, but in the case of Advanced Practices Council, it's worth it because networking (and the other benefits) provides an excellent return on investment. A single year membership with the Advanced Practices Council can save you money that you might have to spend on HR, research, coaching or consulting services, and can inspire new ideas that will help you stay at the cutting edge of leveraging technology in your business and industry.

At a time when success depends upon how quickly you can exploit new technologies and operating models, the Advanced Practices Council will allow you to get the leg up on your competitors.

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