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  • Madeline Weiss, Director

The Value of Custom Research to IT Executives

In today’s world, organizations live and die by their data. According to 2016 PWC research, companies that prioritize data as a decision-maker over “intuition” are three times more likely to see a strong improvement in their overall decision making. But it’s not enough to simply have the data; you need to know how to interpret and utilize it.

Senior IT executives and their teams can access a wealth of available data and analytics, but it may not be the right type of data. Broad market trends can highlight large, global patterns, but details specific to your organization may not always be represented. Interpreting the data is as important as gathering it. Without proper interpretation, you may waste precious time and resources with little ROI. By leveraging the Advanced Practices Council, along with fellow members and colleagues, you gain access to independent researchers who have the resources, experience, independence, and time to gather data and help you interpret the data for your specific needs.

According to the Info-Tech Research Group, clients who employ outside research resources see a vast improvement in ROI: on average over $20,000 and 14 days saved.

Imagine what you can offer your company by gaining the intelligence and data from research studies of the Advanced Practices Council, which are directed by you and your fellow members, looking to achieve the outcomes and results that custom research delivers. One of the greatest benefits of Advanced Practices Council research is the ability for personalization in data gathering and analysis. Rather than remaining beholden to broad market trends, an expert researcher selected by the Advanced Practices Council can offer advice and services tailored to your company or to the areas that you and your small group of fellow members deem necessary. By gathering data on your behalf, or on behalf of your organization, roadmaps and methodologies can be developed with your needs and goals in mind – producing incredible ROI for you and those who rely on you. Why are we more capable at the Advanced Practices Council? We are able to provide such services in large part because of our extensive reach into leading-edge researchers world-wide. Our researchers are independent, experienced in delivering practical results to executives, and have developed helpful tools and templates. They listen to Advanced Practices Council members and they deliver!

Need help? That’s what we are all here for. Our members meet regularly to discuss issues or problems facing others in the program. We share, we inspire, we learn and we grow – and the research that we (collectively) direct helps to provide solutions for all participants. In essence, Advanced Practices Council membership provides you with customized one on one consultation from C-level executives at global enterprises as well as researchers and our network. You can implement solutions to position your firm to exploit future trends and opportunities as well get projects on track, meet critical deliverables, and save time and money by avoiding potential problem areas before they arise. Regardless of how you measure it, the Advanced Practices Council can improve ROI both now and in the future.

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