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  • Madeline Weiss, Director

Are You Viewed as the IT Head or the Digital Transformation Leader?

How have you shaped your organization's expectations of you? Have you given your boss and peers reason to expect that you are the chief visionary of transformation leveraging emerging technology capabilities? Is it clear to them that you continue to learn about leading-edge practices in other organizations and industries that could be adopted in yours? Have you built great working relationships across your organization and its partners? Do you demonstrate entrepreneurial instincts and skills?

The power of information and technology to leapfrog organizations ahead of competitors has gained momentum through such new elements as vast amounts of data (both generated within the organization and available from outside from sensors) and software tools to analyze data and make predictions as well as run automated operations. Digital transformation is positioned not only to facilitate efficiencies throughout organizations, but to assist in reimagining the very purpose and scope of organizations. Consider GE, traditionally a manufacturing company that is transforming itself into a software company through such concepts as "digital twin" that mirrors an individual engine and predicts when maintenance is due and how to economize safely on fuel. Creating virtual software paired with hardware has now become a core competence. What will be next? Creative, entrepreneurial leaders will answer that question for GE and for your organization.

How can you continue to be a leader in such a dynamic and potentially chaotic future? Learn with the most respected CIOs in the Advanced Practices Council, an exclusive membership program for senior IT executives that provides a trusted network of peers and customized research on member-chosen topics by the best researchers worldwide. No other program truly brings the CIOs of the Fortune 500 together to learn, innovate, connect and positively impact their businesses. Member companies include Allstate, Pfizer, Janssen Research and Development, NASA, True Value, Armstrong, ConocoPhillips, BP, Penske, Moody's, Bristol-Myers Squibb, InterAmerican Development Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

Why not come as a guest to the June 13-14 in Cambridge, Massachusetts? The meeting theme will be transforming organizations through emerging technology advances. Most of the presenters will be Harvard Business School professors. Topics include:

  • Leading-edge developments in artificial intelligence (Haluk Demirkan, University of Washington)

  • Governance of predictive analytics (Michael Goul, Arizona State University)

  • IT megatrends that are transforming industries (Lynda Applegate, Harvard Business School)

  • Building capability advantage (Ananth Raman, Harvard Business School)

  • Competing in the age of digital ubiquity (Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School)

  • Visit to MIT Media Lab.

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