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CIOs and senior IT leaders have a new risk that should be keeping them up at nights: sensors everywhere that generate huge streams of data that provide analytic insights to drive decisions and actions from almost anywhere in the organization. Forecasters predict that the pursuit of analytics of things business value will pour gasoline on the fire of radical disruption. CIOs are well positioned to lead the pursuit of innovation as well as to create a governance structure that avoids significant organizational risk - financial and reputational.

At the June 13-14 Advanced Practices Council (APC) meeting, Professor Michael Goul of Arizona State University and a leading expert in predictive analytics governance, will share an evolving framework for governing predictive analytics that includes the analytics of things as well as the role of the CIO in delivering analytics of things innovations.

Other meeting topics include:

  • Leading-edge developments in artificial intelligence (Haluk Demirkan, University of Washington)

  • Smart machines are gaining human capabilities, in some cases doing things faster and better. Professor Demirkan will explore how business processes and whole industries will be transformed as a result, emphasizing how smart machines can be designed to collaborate with people, extend their intelligence, and save time instead of replacing them.

  • IT megatrends that are transforming industries (Lynda Applegate, Harvard Business School)

  • Professor Applegate will share results of the Delphi study she conducted for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (Mass TLC). After Professor Applegate identifies the top IT mega trends that are transforming industries, APC members will use her tool to explore how these megatrends will transform their organizations and industries and, most important, how they can lead their organizations toward competitive advantage with these insights. Members of the Mass TLC will join in the exploration.

  • Building capability advantage (Ananth Raman, Harvard Business School)

  • Using the Essent case study, Professor Raman will explore the role of the CIO in integrating operations using lean manufacturing to drive operational excellence.

  • Competing in the age of digital ubiquity (Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School)

  • Using the GE case study, Professor Lakhani and Rick McCullough, GE's Vice President of Software, will describe how connections, sensors and data are revolutionizing business.

  • Visit to MIT Media Lab.

  • And so much more!

The upcoming APC meeting is something you do not want to miss. Contact us to learn more.

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