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  • Madeline Weiss, Director


Advanced Practices Council (APC) members have spoken! They determined the high priority research topics they want to explore in 2024 through a poll with over 45 topics.

Not surprisingly, four of the top eight topics relate to generative AI, the technology expected to be a major disruptive force in both organizations and society as a whole. Four veteran researchers – all world-renowned for their previous research – will cover this wide-ranging topic from business value to architecture. Dr. Kristian Hammond of Northwestern University will report on how generative AI is transforming companies. Dr. Amit Joshi of IMD in Switzerland will report on generative AI strategy and applications. Drs. Gabriele Piccoli of Louisiana State University and Joaquin Rodriguez of Grenoble Ecole de Management in France will describe how to extract value from large language models for general purpose digital resources. And Dr. Nigel Melville of University of Michigan will report on solution architecture for off-the-shelf and customized large language AI models to generate business value.

Dr. Didier Bonnet of IMD in Switzerland will continue updating APC members on gaining competitive advantage from business-to-business digital platforms and how member companies need to rethink their organizations to support digital transformation.

Also not surprisingly, cybersecurity is a high priority even though APC members have CISOs, who take care of the day-to-day cybersecurity concerns. Drs. Rajiv Kohli of the College of William & Mary and Gurpreet Dhillon of University of North Carolina will help APC members better understand the role of all organization players – including the CEO – in cybersecurity.

The final topic deemed high priority by APC members is IT partnerships with R&D. We will probably approach that topic first by sharing best practices and lessons learned among members. Such sharing in a “Vegas rules” environment has become a hallmark of APC practice and a key method through which APC members benefit from their invaluable network of like-minded executive practitioners.

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